Vodka with an energy drink is a very popular drink: we drink it not only at home, but also in bars, pubs and at houses (especially at student houses). The "energy boost" and taste encourage consumption. Unfortunately, this mixture has many side effects and it is called "explosive" by scientists for a reason.

Where does such popularity come from?

Where did the popularity of the "mix" of vodka with energy come from, since there are many other, original and quite tasty drinks? Many people are convinced by the combination of taste values ​​(the energetic effectively soothes the bitter aftertaste of vodka in the mouth), the desire to add energy is also motivating - especially when the partygoer has a hard day behind him and the hours of fun drag on until late. In the opinion of many people, the said drink is supposed to provide energy for partying until dawn.

A killer mix

Unfortunately, few are aware of the risks associated with the consumption of this drink, although doctors are sounding the alarm. First of all, mixing energy drinks with vodka has a very negative effect on the heart and circulatory system. It increases the excitability of the heart, and thus: rhythm disturbances, atrial fibrillation or tachycardia may occur. The mix of vodka with energetic "flushes" potassium and magnesium (key elements for the proper functioning of the circulatory system) out of the body, so that the risk of embolic complications increases significantly.

Arrhythmia is not enough

However, cardiovascular dysfunction is not the only potential effect of consuming vodka with an energy drink. Studies have shown that drinking more of this drink can have a similar effect to an amphetamine overdose! Dizziness, convulsions, excessive agitation, aggression and psychotic attacks have been observed in humans!

What's more, the taurine contained in the energetic makes the alcohol absorption more slowly, which often results in the partygoer drinking more of it. Eventually, however, the amount of alcohol in the blood accumulates, and as you know - excessive amounts can lead to unhappiness. Unfortunately, there are fatal cases in medicine as a result of consuming vodka with energy.

An experiment on fish

The effects of consuming vodka with an energy drink interested Dr. Matt Parker of the University of Portsmouth. He conducted an experiment on fish. He divided the animals into several groups: one swam in clean water, another in water with alcohol, another in water with taurine, and the last - in everyone's mix (that is, such a drink).

Fish from the last group became not only agitated, but more prone to risky behavior (boldly approaching a predator) and lost the ability to communicate effectively with each other. According to the scientist, similar reactions may also occur in humans.

It is better not to tempt fate

It is true that for a healthy person one drink "made of vodka and energy" should not be dangerous, nevertheless, being aware of the possible consequences - it is better not to tempt fate and consume both vodka and energy drinks not only in reasonable amounts, but also separately.


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